Extremely rare 1978 version of the complete tour de gaule made in Spain for Dargaud France.


Extremely rare 1978 Asterix's tour de gaule made in spain complete. The vast majority of le tour de gaule d'Astérix sets were made in Italy for the French market. A few rare boxes were made for the French market in Spain. Here you have one of these rare boxes, the differences: the color of the design is more blue, the banknotes are completely different, the color of the Gaulish army cards is red for Italy, yellow for Spain. The game is complete, the box is taped at 4 corners, less vivid colors on 2 sides of the lid, 1 city card (Dijon) has lost its shine and 1 Gallic army card is less yellow than the others (v photo 2), otherwise clean game board and original game rules photo 3 to 10, comparison with the easier-to-find made-in-Italy game.

The game is complete: 60 bills of 1000 sesterces, 40 of 10000, 25 of 5000. 40 Gallic armies, 20 city cards, 34 pitfall cards, 2 dice, 6 Gallic figurines and their 6 supports.

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