Rare AL. Uderzo par jean Tiberi (200ex max) hc Asterix


Rare AL. Uderzo par jean Tiberi (200ex max) hors commerce This study, written by Jean-Paul Tiberi, is a non-commercialized product intended for members, specialists, researchers and libraries... It takes the form of a syllabus with a limited but unspecified print run (certainly 200 copies maximum, referring to other works by the same Belgian Chamber of Comics Experts). After meticulous work, the author lists all the heroes Albert Uderzo drew during his career. Of course, Asterix is the most famous, but all the others are less well known to the general public. Short stories are included, including the 1950 adventure Superatomic Z. 28 black & white pages Format: 21 cm / 30 album unobtainable

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