Rare Asterix L GALATON in French and Mirandes (Portuguese) 3000ex


Asterix The Great Divide Deluxe edition numbered 3000 copies without cardboard insert :

On the French side, talienne format, black-and-white drawings (featuring Uderzo's plates) On the "Portuguese" side, in Mirandes (an idiom very close to Portuguese, spoken only in northeastern Portugal by around 10,000 people), entitled "L Galaton", the edition is in full color and in the normal comic-book format. It is numbered and embossed 45 years. A sticker on the cover marks this limited edition. The 2 softcover albums are included in a hardcover binding . Book weight 1 kg...

This edition does not have its cardboard insert at the base of the book.

This very rare edition has only been sold in Portugal.

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