Ultra rare (Asterix) Obelix automaton Carl and original box 1967 Dargaud SA


ultra rare Obélix automaton carl and its original box 1967. Traces of moisture (v photos) cardboard and automaton Cardboard in good general condition, a few traces of moisture and tape removed on the top (v photo) otherwise still vivid colors and drawings in very good condition automaton in working condition, label monkey and Dargaud new condition, trace moisture on clothes, slight manufacturing defect under right foot, winder new (no rust), menhir complete, no missing end (v photos )

In conclusion, the item is in near-new condition, but poor storage in a damp area has altered some of the cardboard and the automaton's T-shirt (v photos ).

Possibility of exchanging the 2 Obelix automatons on sale on request ( 2 -th Obelix v photos 14 to 19)

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